Alcohol Intervention California

Seeing a loved one struggle with alcohol addiction could be heartbreaking. On the outside, you are quite sure their behavior is self-destructive. However, they are likely to feel differently about the problem, and they may think that you’re overreacting. This difference in perspectives makes it challenging to offer a helping hand without pushing them away. In such situations, a formal alcohol intervention may be necessary.

If you need help staging an intervention for a loved one, do not hesitate to contact The Plan Case Management. We are one of the leading recovery services providers, and our alcohol intervention in California can help your family have the difficult conversations. Ultimately, the goal is to encourage the client to seek help, and we have an impressive track record of doing just that.

How does alcohol intervention work?

There are different approaches to alcohol addiction interventions in California, and the best approach to adopt will depend on the context. Interventions usually start with planning, rehearsing, executing the actual intervention, and then follow up. Below is an overview of the outline of most intervention models:

  • The loved ones who are concerned about the alcohol abuse problem will organize a planning session. During the session, they’ll decide who will make up the intervention team as well as the time and place where the intervention will be performed.
  • The intervention team members will hire the services of a certified intervention professional to finetune the plans.
  • In most models, the person with the alcohol abuse problem is not aware of the intervention plans, while other models advocate that they be part of the intervention team.
  • The members of the intervention team meet to rehearse the plans. Each team member may be required to write down precisely what they’ll say during the alcohol intervention in California.
  • The intervention team will also decide on specific consequences they will place on the individual if they refuse to go to a California alcohol rehab for treatment. They will also decide on the treatment options they consider suitable for the person.
  • The group stages the alcohol intervention
  • After the intervention, the intervention team follows up to know if the intervention goals were achieved.

What you shouldn’t do during an intervention

Too often, frustrated loved ones see interventions as an opportunity to vent their anger. Consequently, emotions will run high, and the goals of the alcohol rehab intervention will not be achieved. To ensure effectiveness, below are a few things you shouldn’t do during an alcohol intervention in California:

  • Deviate from what you planned to say during the intervention
  • Express anger or frustration at the persons struggling with alcohol use disorder
  • Expect immediate cooperation from the person
  • Try to force the team’s suggestions on the person
  • Come up with weak consequences

Contact The Plan Case Management for alcohol intervention in California

Do you need the help of a California intervention services provider? Do not hesitate to get in touch with The Plan Case Management. As a leading rehabilitation services company, we have experienced and qualified intervention professionals that can help you plan and execute a successful alcohol intervention in California. Call us on (805) 335-4646 to schedule an appointment.

Alcohol Intervention California