Drug Intervention San Francisco

There are multiple things to expect from the best drug intervention in San Francisco, no matter if you are the concerned party or the addict. A drug intervention is an act of confronting a person in active addiction to persuade them to seek rehabilitative treatments. Confrontation doesn’t always mean a negative interaction with the person suffering from the symptoms of addiction. Interventions are intended to express concern and to help the addict explore open resources for treatments.

San Francisco intervention services from The Plan Case Management can provide a safe environment to discuss options with the loved one in your life. What to expect during a drug intervention depends on different factors, such as which side of the confrontation you are on. If you are suffering from active addiction, you might feel overwhelmed or panicked, but those feelings are natural. Those who are confronting their loved ones might feel hopeless, depressed, or angry at their loved ones. There isn’t any wrong way to think during an intervention for yourself or a loved one.

Seeking a San Francisco, CA Alcohol Rehab for Help?

The Plan Case Management offers alcohol rehab intervention services that are productive and responsive. Alcohol addiction interventions are challenging to take on by yourself, but with a trained professional by your side, staging an intervention is easier. Alcohol and drug interventions involve meeting with other concerned individuals in the life of the addict.

Coming together as a group can be a simple way to show the addict that your concerns are valid and real. By forming a concerned group, you are not ganging up against the person in active addiction. Creating a cohesive unit can be a strong force against the lies and defense tactics used by some people.

Be Prepared to Answer Questions and Receive Blame

People in active addiction don’t want to take the blame upon themselves, so they tend to push the responsibility of their actions off on someone else. If you are addressing a loved one facing addiction, you should be concise and clear. Express yourself freely without sugar-coating the problem at hand.

Your loved one might have questions that you should prepare yourself to answer. The person suffering from addiction might ask you why you are attacking them. You must make it clear that you want what is best for your loved one.

Let your loved one know how their addiction has played a negative role in your life. Accept the blame that you deserve, but don’t let anyone push you around. The fault is something that everyone can share equally when it comes to the whirlwind of addiction.

Drug Detox, Alcohol Intervention, and Sober Companioning Services

The Plan Case Management currently offers interventions, case management services, and sober companioning services. Clients can also access the drug and alcohol detoxification and treatment programs provided by The Plan Case Management by dialing 805-335-4646. Reaching out for help is the first step toward a brighter future for yourself and your loved ones. Contact us to explore your treatment options with our team!

Drug Intervention San Francisco