Drug Interventionist California

The Plan Case Management is a leading California intervention services provider with the best team of experts in the field. Our drug interventionist in California, Scotty, possesses several years of experience in helping addicts get started on their liberating journey towards sobriety.

When to intervene for a loved one

Although you mean well for your loved one, it can be hard to approach them about their addiction. In most cases, the addicted individuals are in a constant denial, which can make open conversations more difficult. You must arrange for an intervention if you notice one or more of the following signs in your loved one:

  • Secretive behavior
  • Borrowing huge amounts of money
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Deterioration of physical appearance
  • Lack of energy and facing problems at work or school
  • Frequent health issues, etc.

Besides, if you find your loved one in a depressed mood or if they exhibit signs of an eating disorder, you should arrange for an intervention. Our ntervention specialists are experts at helping you convince your loved one to join a California alcohol rehab.

What is an intervention and who is a good candidate for one?

An intervention is a structured conversation that takes place between an addict, his/her loved ones, and an intervention specialist. An interventionalist supervises the conversation and helps the loved ones express their feelings to the addict in a constructive manner. Staging an intervention is crucial to help addicts understand how their actions affect their families, loved ones, and friends. The intervention aims to help the struggling person realize and accept their addiction condition and join the rehab treatment.

Our alcohol addiction interventions are ideal for people dealing with denial, shame, or fear of joining the rehab. Anybody with an addiction problem is a good candidate for an intervention, and the sooner you take measures to stage an intervention, the lesser the damage.

How to stage an intervention?

To stage an intervention, you must first contact an intervention specialist who will make sure to keep the communication between you and your loved one moving. Intervention specialists are experts at making addicts let go of denial and come to terms with their addiction problem. 

Refrain from confronting the addict by yourself as it can make things worse. We recommend avoiding staging an intervention with family and friends alone. An intervention specialist will create an intervention strategy and will help you address your loved ones’ specific needs precisely. The intervention must include the addict’s parents, children, elderly members of the family, siblings, spouses or partners, and close friends. Lastly, the intervention specialist will educate and prepare participants on what to talk, when to speak up, and how to tackle intense moments during the confrontation.

In addition to drug and alcohol rehab intervention, we also offer case management, sober companioning, intervention services & drug detox treatment at The Plan Case Management. Your search for the best’ drug interventionist in California’ ends here. Leave the stress of the planning process to us; call us at (805) 335-4646 today and we’ll take it from there.

Drug Interventionist California