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Drug Rehab Fort Lauderdale

A recent study showed that, in 2016, the approximate number of deaths among drug addicts, was more than 64,000, out of which more than 20,000 were due to synthetic opioids. At the same time, around 88,000 Americans die every year because of alcoholism, with an extra 10,000 deaths caused by car accidents linked to alcohol consumption. There is no denying that we, at Meridian Treatment Solutions, have a problem on our hands and so does the world at large.

Institutions dealing with drug rehab Fort Lauderdale focus on tackling one of the worst health problems the world is currently experiencing – substance abuse. But, why is an addiction so hard to fight with? Regardless of the type of substance being used, once addiction has installed, repelling it will be no one-man job. It will take advanced, professional, multi-layered treatment strategies to deal with both the addiction itself and the surrounding health problems that will come along with it.

Drug abuse will quickly take its toll on the individual and, over time, it will end up destroying one’s life on all levels. According to what we know so far about drug consumption and how it ends up affecting the victim, there are several areas where addiction will inflict the most damages:

1. Physically and mentally

The use of recreational drugs like crack, heroin, methamphetamine or even abusing prescription painkillers like Oxycontin and Vicodin, will have almost immediate and long-term side-effects. The body’s functioning will slowly deteriorate over time, with a plethora of medical symptoms being linked to withdrawal in particular, like headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, constant fatigue and loss of appetite, symptoms that are being dealt with first when going to drug rehab Fort Lauderdale. Mentally, the addict will develop an impaired thinking process, will manifest mood swings and will become prone to anxiety, depression and suicidal tendencies.

2. Romantically and professionally

As the addiction has taken over, there is little the victim can do about it. The substance will take over his personality, and the relationship with the loved ones will begin to degrade and die off slowly. Being unable to remain a functional, active individual, the patient will lose the job and will eventually lose the support of those around, becoming more introverted, depressed and disconnected from reality.

3. Overdosing and death

This is the point of no return for most people. Overdosing is, in many cases, similar to a death sentence, as the body will go into shock, slip into a coma and, due to intense muscle relaxation, breathing will slow down to a halt.

Is there a way to escape the grip of addiction to prevent this slippery slope? Yes, and it all comes down to drug rehab Fort Lauderdale, as well as to act before it is too late. Professional treatment is crucial, especially in the earlier phases, when addiction is easier to fight with.

Meridian Treatment Solutions aims to not only raise awareness on how dangerous drug addiction is, but also on the fact that there is a cure and the addict does have a chance of regaining his life back. Act now and end addiction!