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Drug Treatment Lake Forest

Still Water Wellness Group offers the ideal drug treatment in Lake Forest, providing patients with a comfortable and relaxing environment, personalized detox, and a structured recovery protocol. Our facility is the perfect setting for coping with aggravated substance addiction or disrupting co-occurring mental disorders.

Do you offer detox services?

Yes, our alcohol and drug rehab in Lake Forest includes detoxification services as part of the rehabilitation treatment.

How long does detox last?

The detox program will generally last between five and seven days, but the duration may vary. The program’s length varies depending on numerous factors, including the patient’s age, medical status, addiction severity, co-occurring disorders, etc. As a general rule, patients with severe addictions tend to spend more time in detox than those with milder forms.

How long will the rehab treatment last?

The rehabilitation treatment has a variable duration depending on the patient’s response to treatment and other factors. Specialists recommend a minimum of 90 days of treatment for addiction victims, especially those dealing with aggravated conditions. The same goes for individuals coping with severe co-occurring disorders coming with dangerous and even life-threatening symptoms.

Depending on the situation, the treatment may last longer than that, spanning up to a year or more. It also depends on the type of rehab care and programs you need to ensure a safe recovery and lasting sobriety. Speak to one of our detox professionals about our drug addiction treatment in Lake Forest for a clearer answer on the topic.

Do you offer dual diagnosis treatment?

Yes, our professionals have experience handling a variety of co-occurring disorders, including OCD, bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and others. Treating these conditions is critical for ensuring our patients’ sobriety, comfort, and health during and after rehab.

What rehab programs do you offer?

Our rehab for drugs and alcohol offers residential treatment, outpatient programs, MAT, and sober living assistance. The mental health department also ensures inpatient care, along with Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). These programs are part of a structured rehabilitation protocol ensuring our patients’ safe recovery and promoting sobriety and healthy living over the years.

What is the ideal addiction treatment rehab for me?

The answer depends on your response to treatment, overall medical and psychiatric needs, and long-term recovery goals. If you want to recover fast and remain sober for the rest of your life, the rehabilitation treatment will never end. It will encompass a life-long management plan, combining relapse prevention strategies with extensive lifestyle improvements allowing you to experience a healthy and fulfilling life.

We have the best rehab centers in Lake Forest, providing customized detox and rehab and allowing patients to overcome their shame and fear on their path towards a better future. If you’re ready to join our drug treatment in Lake Forest, contact our professionals and discuss the steps to take today!

Still Water Wellness Group is available for contact at 1-800-563-8983 or online in case you need to speak to a rehab professional. Contact our team, and let’s get the rehab process going!

Drug Treatment Lake Forest

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Drug Treatment Lake Forest

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