Robin P.

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I am blessed to be sober physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Living in this world as a human being is not easy, and oftentimes we are taught to just be a “human doing”. Doing our best to survive. Using whatever we can to get through the day or night, without any support or understanding of what we really need in order to heal and to live, not just survive.

Healing and being sober is not easy, but it is the only path to a deepening quality of life that I never knew existed. I could not do it alone no matter how hard I tried. The times I failed were ones that I tried to go it completely alone. I needed to surrender to the help, wisdom and guidance of many to find my way back to myself.

It is important to have someone with you, by your side, who is in your corner, who knows what it’s like, and wants the best for you. This work I am blessed with allows me to be that one. I look forward to helping you connect with your new life.