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Addiction to heroin changes how the brain operates and could even cause long-term, irreversible effects if the person with the substance use disorder doesn’t get help early enough. Research shows that regular abuse of heroin alters the physiology and physical structure of the brain. Heroin produces high levels of tolerance. Tolerance occurs when a person has to consume a higher dosage of the drug to achieve the same high.

Fortunately, even as heroin threatens to destroy an individual’s life, heroin rehab centers can help someone with a drug use disorder overcome their addiction and recover successfully. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we’re dedicated to ensuring our clients achieve sobriety using our evidence-based treatment approach. Using the Pouyan Method, our clients recover from the inside.

Signs and Symptoms of Heroin Addiction

Signs of heroin addiction manifest in three forms: social, physical, and physiological. While symptoms could vary depending on the individual, some of the common signs and symptoms, include:

Social Signs

  • Frequent Problems with the Authority

Due to altering the brain's functioning, a person with a substance use disorder rarely submits to anyone leading to a constant run-in with the law or authorities. Be it at work or in public, a person using heroin will do what their mind tells them.

  • Impaired Judgment

Things that look normal to everyone else will appear abnormal to a person with drug use disorder. Simple things like crossing the road may seem like an uphill task and could easily result in an accident.

  • Anger and Mood Swings

Instances of unprovoked anger outbursts may manifest in patients even when alone. Be on the lookout for such moments as a person with a drug use disorder has been known to cause destruction and harm to those around them.

  • Withdrawal and Social Isolation

People addicted to heroin often sulk and isolate themselves, especially when feelings of guilt and shame begin to torment them.

Physical Symptoms

  • Weight Loss and Insomnia

There’s a drastic reduction in a person's weight due to loss of appetite. Heroin being a stimulant, also makes it difficult for an individual to fall asleep.

  • Side Effects of Addiction

Nausea, abdominal pains, lung disease, heart conditions, and a weakened immune system are some of the health complications a person suffering from heroin addiction experiences.

Physiological Symptoms

  • Confusion

A person with drug use disorder usually appears disoriented and always confused. The concentration span of someone using heroin is significantly reduced due to damage to brain cells.

  • Depression and Hopelessness

Feelings of guilt, shame, and despair may drive a person with substance use disorder to depression.

How Can Heroin Addiction Be Treated?

The use of drugs to cure addiction in many heroin rehab centers may cause other cravings or addictions. Natural treatment and therapies like our Pouyan Method with Sacred Plant Medicine works wonders and helps an individual overcome addiction without the risk of side effects caused by drugs meant to treat the addiction.

Reliable, Safe, And Effective Addiction Treatment

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we have a unique and powerful treatment protocol designed to bring complete wholeness to your body, mind, and soul. Our serene, scenic, and supportive environment allows you to focus solely on your recovery while we confront the underlying causes of alcohol or drug abuse. To get the help you need, get in touch with us today on 310-601-7805.

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