Drug Interventionist San Francisco California

Sometimes the process of recovery needs a kickstart. We offer drug interventions as a catalyst for recognition that drastic lifestyle changes need to be made. Before the intervention we meet with family and close friends of the afflicted individual with the goal of setting healthy boundaries and developing a diligent course of action to start the detox treatment process. We offer alcohol & drug interventionist services nationally, doing whatever it takes to help their loved ones begin their recovery journey. As part of this service placement into a new environment such as a Detox, Inpatient Treatment, or Sober Living Environment might be necessary for a healthy recovery process to begin.

Alcohol & Drug Intervention Services in San Francisco California

  • Create a plan with the family
  • With the family, assist in the setting of boundaries and present plan to alcoholic/addict
  • Assist in facilitating proper treatment or detox when needed and execute “The Plan”

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