Miami Personal Injury Attorney

Are you trying to hire a Miami personal injury attorney? At Family Medical Clinic, we work as expert witnesses to help victims seek their rightful compensation. As a specialized injury care treatment center, we offer rehab for auto and slip and fall accidents, adjustments, intervertebral traction, electric muscle stimulation, neck traction, and other wellness treatments and therapies.

How we help victims win their legal battle?

We are a leading injury care health center, working in conjunction with some of the top car accident lawyers in Miami, FL. Our job is to provide independent expert analysis and medical opinion on the situation to help victims in their personal injury claims. Our medical team’s expert opinion can play an integral role in convincing the judge and jury to provide maximum compensation for your injuries and impairments.

As an expert witness, we provide our independent, objective, and unbiased opinion through a written report and oral evidence. We will work alongside your Miami car accident attorney and assist you in filing paperwork and compiling relevant medical documents for your claim.

Where to go for treatment after an accident?

Go to the nearest emergency room if you need immediate medical help after an accident. If your injury is not an emergency, follow your state’s rules on medical care.

The state of Florida allows residents to choose their doctor after an accident/injury. If you plan on using your health care coverage to pay for the medical bills, speak to your insurer to learn about the in-network healthcare centers near you. You may also ask your Miami car accident lawyer for references to direct you to the best injury care physician or healthcare center near you.

Why your choice of doctor is important?

The doctors working with the insurance companies have a close and financially rewarding relationship with them, which can interfere with their duty of providing an objective and unbiased medical opinion. This is why it’s always a good idea to receive treatment from a doctor who you can trust. Alternatively, you may ask your Miami car accident firm for references.

If you can choose your medical provider, be sure to settle for an experienced doctor specializing in injury care or treating accident cases. Your physician has an essential role to play in your personal injury case, such as making decisions about your diagnosis, planning your treatment, writing your medical report and testimony, etc. Your doctors’ diagnosis also plays a pivotal role in determining the payments you will receive in the future for temporary and permanent disability.

Make sure to choose a clinic/physician who can clearly and convincingly explain to the judge/jury/insurance adjuster the reasons behind his or her decisions. Failing to seek medical help from a credible and licensed practitioner can jeopardize your chances of receiving reasonable compensation for your medical bills.

Call Family Medical clinic before you call a Miami personal injury attorney to improve your chances of success with your personal injury claim. As the #1 treatment center for accident injuries in Florida, we have a team of physicians, specialists, and RNs, who offer personalized care and 24/7 medical support and help you on your road to recovery. 

Miami Personal Injury Attorney

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Miami Personal Injury Attorney

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