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New Start Recovery is among the leading Orange County drug and alcohol treatment centers. The first step toward a brighter future begins with seeking professional alcoholism and drug abuse treatment in Orange County.

One of the most challenging parts of starting on the path to recovery relates to having the courage to make lifestyle changes. Starting fresh with a basic foundation can lead to self-doubt and hopelessness, but our facility is always available to offer top substance abuse treatment options.

At our rehab facility, there are multiple Orange County alcohol addiction treatment options to consider. Detox services come highly recommended for individuals going through the symptoms of withdrawal. Facing withdrawal symptoms and the detox process without medical help provides no relief and introduces potential health dangers.  

Our drug addiction treatment center in Orange County provides licensed medical staff with experience in substance abuse. With guided programs and comprehensive support, you can achieve the goals you set during treatment.

Best Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Orange County

Besides medical detox services that keep patients comfortable, we offer a wide range of other rehab services at New Start Recovery. Residential inpatient treatment programs include safe harbor, counseling, and other therapy resources to increase your chances of success.

Luxury amenities and classy surroundings create the perfect environment to recondition your harmful actions. Our team will teach you the fundamental aspects of living a sober lifestyle and pinpoint areas that need adjustments.

The road to success and sober living is not the same for everyone who comes to us for treatment. The New Start Recovery team offers customized treatment plans that are personalized for each patient. By identifying the root of addiction, we can help you avoid obstacles that prevent you from reaching sobriety. The inpatient rehab program at our clinic teaches you valuable lessons to remember once you leave the facility.

Effective Intensive Outpatient Rehab Program for Adults

Intensive outpatient rehab meshes well with sober living facility arrangements. People gain a sense of community and belonging after being introduced to sober living houses. Sober living centers offer real-world experience for people battling back from addictive behaviors. Each patient helps keep the other members in the group accountable while offering support.

Intensive outpatient treatment works best for individuals determined to use coping techniques outside of our facility. Continuing the rehabilitative process after leaving inpatient treatment assists clients while they integrate back into society.

Having a sober and healthy environment to turn to after going through detox plays a crucial role in each patient’s life. Without support and guidance, you become more likely to fall back into old patterns.

Getting Help for Yourself or a Loved One at New Start Recovery

If you or someone you care about is lost in active addiction, you might consider seeking help with us at New Start Recovery. Our customer support team can help verify your insurance information and review potential treatment programs offered at New Start Recovery. Please give us a call today at 855-737-7363 to jump-start the process of enrolling in rehab.

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