ptsd treatment centers covered by tricare Pacific Palisades

Searching for PTSD treatment centers covered by Tricare in Pacific Palisades can be time-consuming, but you don’t have to waste days pouring through websites or performing telephone interviews. Make one call to ReConnect and we can provide all the information you need regarding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment. We treat complex trauma and resulting symptoms that manifest in depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Our team of professionals will help you find the right level of trauma recovery outpatient care and assist you in taking the first step toward healing. Reach out to us with all of your questions; we welcome your call at 310-713-6739.

The Pros And Cons Of Receiving Professional PTSD Treatment

You may feel a certain level of apprehension stepping out of your comfort zone when seeking outpatient behavioral health services. Overcoming feelings of stress or anxiety will provide you with access to quality care when you choose ReConnect. Our behavioral health therapists have your long-term goals in mind when you commit to trauma and depression therapy.

If you’ve been living with traumatic memories for any length of time, you may have found ways of medicating or managing the trauma. While these methods work for a short time-frame, over time, they’ll become less effective and will require more medication or effort. It’s far better to seek post traumatic stress disorder treatment from one of the reputable PTSD treatment centers covered by Tricare in Pacific Palisades. At ReConnect, we can help you identify the cause of your symptoms, address the trauma, and start the healing process.

Symptoms of Trauma-Related Issues

Trauma presents itself in different ways in different people; some common symptoms of deep-seated trauma may include:

  • An uncertainty about the reliability of people and and the world around you
  • Distrust and suspiciousness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Increased medical problems
  • Problems with emotional regulation
  • Communication issues
  • Periods of amnesia
  • Sleep problems
  • Self-destructive behaviors
  • Problems completing tasks
  • Reenactment of traumatic past in daily behavior
  • Low self-image
  • Fear of being abandoned
  • Panic episodes

5-Star Rated PTSD Treatment

ReConnect is rated one of the best PTSD treatment centers covered by Tricare in Pacific Palisades. If you have Tricare insurance and want to make the most of your healthcare benefits, we encourage you to reach out to ReConnect by phone or through our Web form. Let our team perform a benefits check and offer more information on your coverage- your Tricare insurance may cover all of your PTSD treatment.

Are You Living With Trauma?

There are many different types of trauma that we address at ReConnect:

  • Medical trauma due to a diagnosis or long-term illness
  • Physical trauma from an accident or injury
  • Natural disaster trauma resulting from surviving an extreme weather event
  • Trauma from an act of violence
  • Military service trauma from experiencing combat
  • Relationship trauma from losing a loved one or from abuse

Reach out to professional therapists from ReConnect now to have your insurance benefits verified by our team. If you have questions about our outpatient programs, we’d love to take the time to speak with you over the phone about our services.

ptsd treatment centers covered by tricare Pacific Palisades