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Residential Treatment Center Chatsworth

Substance abuse disorder can be treated effectively in a reputable residential treatment center in Chatsworth. At Golden Road Recovery, we help individuals overcome their addiction problems and regain sobriety by creating personalized treatment plans. This increases their chances of a successful recovery.

Before joining our inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center, our therapists will first assess your situation and let you know if inpatient treatment is the best option for you. If they determine that intensive treatment is necessary, we will give you specialized therapy and treatment to help you get over your dependence on alcohol or drugs.

Activities in the Best Drug and Alcohol Center in Chatsworth 

Many activities take place in our Chatsworth drug addiction treatment center. These include the management of co-occurring disorders and therapies to make it easy to meet the healing needs of each patient.

Some of these therapies may include:

Group Therapies – Group therapies are designed to encourage patients to keep up with their recovery programs. Given that some of the patients have gone through similar struggles, the sessions allow them to share personal life experiences with others, something which is also important for emotional healing.

Family Therapies – Our addiction programs in Chatsworth include family therapies in our day-to-day programs. We know this is crucial because family support plays a significant role in an individual’s journey to sobriety.

Individual Behavioral Therapies— Also known as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), this therapy is designed to help identify how you or your body responds to specific triggers. After identifying the responses, your therapist will then use their expertise to guide you to newer and normal reactions to such triggers without resorting to the use of drugs or alcohol.

At Golden Road Recovery, we know the importance of CBT— it offers a free and safer environment where you can open up about the fears, struggles, and concerns you have in life. This will then make it easy for our therapists to find the best alternative responses to these causes of anxiety so you can easily manage the behavioral responses that come with them.

Specialized Therapies— In substance abuse disorder management, there is never a one size fits all program. There are cases where you or your loved one will need dedicated therapy sessions. Such therapies can be tailored to help you manage conditions such as grief, anger, stress, among others. You can then easily handle these emotional triggers on your own without feeling the urge to abuse alcohol or drugs to calm your nerves.

What You Should Know Before Going to Rehab

Most private health insurance companies provide cover for addiction treatment in their packages. Some insurance providers, however, may not provide cover for drug and alcohol addiction treatments. 

We value the wellbeing of every patient. That’s why at Golden Road Recovery, we recommend that you ask your health insurance provider if their plans also take care of substance abuse disorder treatments. Alternatively, our drug and alcohol center in Chatsworth can check for you if your policy covers treatments for drug and alcohol addiction problems.

Begin Your Recovery Journey Today

You can put drug abuse disorder under control. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us to verify your insurance and to get the help you need in the best residential treatment center in Chatsworth.

Residential Treatment Center Chatsworth



Residential Treatment Center Chatsworth

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