Sober Living Companions San Francisco

At The Plan Case Management, we are a team of experienced and compassionate sober living companions in San Francisco. We understand the struggles that recovering addicts face in their journey towards sobriety. With our sober companion service, we guide you throughout your recovery journey. Here are the top 4 types of sober companion support services that we offer:

1. 24 Hr short or long term care

We provide around-the-clock sober companion services in the form of short and long term care. With 24 hour care, we ensure your safety, daily sobriety, and create accountability. Our San Francisco California sober coach will support and help you hold on to sobriety even during the most turbulent times during the recovery process. Our companions draw solutions from their personal experiences and make your recovery a lot easier. Our sober companion services include offering transportation to clients to and from their detox center or rehab facility. With our 24 hour care, we are always there to listen to your concerns and feelings.

2. Ensuring daily sobriety and accountability along with compassion, understanding, and support

As a grown-up, the last thing you want is someone controlling you permanently throughout the day. As the leading California sober companion service provider, we understand how annoying it can feel to be under the radar constantly. We make sure to assign a sober companion whose personality meshes with that of yours. This way, we make the entire working relationship more comfortable and enjoyable. We create accountability in our clients with love, mutual understanding, and compassion, and do not believe in leveraging control make them behave a certain way. Sobriety is a commitment that should come from within, and we encourage our clients to make healthier life choices and rational decisions on an everyday basis.

3. Transporting individuals to detox/treatment with safety, sobriety, and wellbeing in mind

The cravings, withdrawal symptoms, and triggers can be strong in the first couple of months of recovery. This period is highly unsafe for recovering addicts to engage in activities like driving, operating machinery, etc. For the safety of our clients, our sober companions offer transportation services to and from a rehab facility, work, school, family gatherings, etc. If you need a drive back home from your detox center or your ongoing care programs, we ensure safe transportation services.

4. Early recovery companionship after detox/treatment

The most intimidating phase of your recovery journey will be the first six months after completing the residential treatment. Everything around you can feel triggering, and you are at high risk for relapse in this transition phase. By accompanying you around-the-clock in the early recovery months, we reduce your chances of relapse and solidify your commitment to sobriety.

To learn more about our sober companions and coaches, call us now at (805) 335-4646. We At The Plan Case Management are a team of sober living companions in San Francisco, and we specialize in helping you pursue your journey towards sobriety every minute of every day.

Sober Living Companions San Francisco