It is truly a miracle that my husband and Greg had the opportunity to meet and work together. My husband is a good man, but for the past 15 years his addiction took his life away. Greg was the first person my husband genuinely connected with on a personal level when it came to his recovery. I truly think that saved him, as he’s in such a better place than he was when he first met Greg, both physically, mentally and spiritually. Greg’s team has also been a great resource to me, providing me with information on ALANON and living with an addict that has helped me deal with some of the trauma I have experienced from my husband’s addiction. It feels like my family is healing, and we finally have hope.


Greg Bassett and The Plan Begins has been such a blessing in my life and path of recovery. When I was incredibly vulnerable and unsteady, Greg immediately made him and his team available to support me. His person-centered approach, flexibility, and comprehensive case management have made all the difference in my life. In both my personal and professional life, I have never encountered such collaborative and thoughtful people. Greg especially has helped me gain greater insight into my own challenges in sobriety and grow stronger as a person. I’ve loved his approach in prompting me to reflect deeper on myself through conversation and “homework” that’s actually enjoyable and helpful, like watching certain movies while keeping certain reflection questions in mind. I am incredibly grateful that he has always been there, even outside scheduled appointment times or during the week, to help me. I would strongly recommend without hesitation Greg and The Plan Begins to anyone at any stage of recovery.

Julia H.

Greg and his team have had a major impact on my life and recovery. I have tried every type of recovery process possible; inpatient, outpatient, meetings, etc., but it wasn’t until I met Greg and worked directly with him that I was able to fully connect and have a better understanding of myself and understand the importance in building up a sober community. He stepped in at a critical point in my life. I would not be in the healthy space I’m in today without him.


Greg and his team literally saved my life. He and his team through kind, loving and honest guidance and support helped me get a solid foundation in my sobriety and recovery. I am so grateful for there help and continued support.

Kim A.